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FLIRT - Lip Plumping Kit

FLIRT - Lip Plumping Kit

For oh-my-GOSH fuller lips. This gentle lip scrub + activated lipstick give you smoother and naturally plumper lookin’ lips for stunning short and long-term results. Each kit contains 0.5 fl oz (15ml) of lip scrub and 0.3 fl oz (10ml) of lipstick.

Lip Plumping Kit
$ 29
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100% Results Guaranteed
100% Cruelty Free
Shipped from the USA
Buh-Bye Thin Lips!

Voted by men as the most attractive part
of a woman’s face, lips are the #1 thing
that draw attention to your face.

With regular use, FLIRT will take your lips to the next level by turning them into pillowy-soft, gorgeously full smiles.

Would recommend
FLIRT to a friend
Saw an improvement
in lip thickness
Agreed their lips
are smoother
*Survey results from a survey sent in May 2019 to 100 customers who have tried the FLIRT Lip Plumping Kit
Instant Boost
Instant Boost
Active ingredients give an immediately flattering, gently thickening gloss effect.
Plump It Up
Smoother and Softer
Smoother and Softer
Smooths and softens lips to highlight their naturally gorgeous contours
Long-Term Improvement
Long-Term Improvement
See your lip thickness increase with regular use
Restores Skin
Restores Skin
The scrub’s 100% natural sugar grains increase circulation to restore delicate skin
Sensual Pout
Sensual Pout
Assists in thickening your lips for a younger-looking, attractive pout
Gloss Effect
Gloss Effect
The activated lipstick’s gloss effect highlights your natural color and shade

That Full Look

Active ingredients in the scrub:
Shea Butter
Provides skin elasticity
Coconut Oil
Restores skin and boosts moisture
100% Natural Sugar
Removes dead skin cells and boosts circulation
Active ingredients in the lipstick:
Promotes thicker lips
Vitamin E
A calming, soothing antioxidant
Blend of Herbal Extracts
Improves circulation and provides an immediate thickening effect
How To Use It

Everything You Wanted To Know

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How many times a day can I use these products?
Can I use each of the products by itself?
Can I use these products while pregnant?
Can I use the products together with makeup?
When will I see a difference in my lips?
Can I use the products after I’ve had lip plumping injections?
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