Membership Club Terms

  1. These terms and conditions (herein: Terms and Conditions) regulates MAELYS COSMETICS LTD.’s membership terms (herein: Company or MAELYS), allowing members to benefit from promotions and benefits subject to the stipulations below (herein: Membership Club).
  2. Company reserves the right to cancel Membership Club and/or amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and from time to time, and subject to any law.
  3. Membership Club’s membership period shall be for a duration of one year as of registration. Company may extend the duration of Membership Club’s membership period by additional periods at its sole discretion, without being required to notify the club members.
  4. A request to cancel a Membership Club membership shall be made in writing to Company’s customer service in accordance with the contact details displayed on its website. No benefit can be used thereafter cancelling the Membership Club membership and any eligibility deserved by Client shall be immediately voided.
  5. Registration:
    1. Registration to Membership Club is contingent upon completing the registration process on Company’s Website – any individual (aged 16+) may register via Company’s Website at https://www.maelyscosmetics.com (herein: Company’s Website). Clients under the age of 18 who wish to register to Membership Club are required to inform their parents and/or legal guardians concerning the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and obtain their approval of taking any action involving Membership Club.
    2. Clients who are interested in registering via Company’s Website must complete these details: full name, address, contact number and date of birth.
    3. Registration to Membership Club via Company’s Website can only be performed thereafter purchasing a Company product via Company’s Website.

      A client who has joined Membership Club thereafter executing said purchase and proceeded to cancel it in the form of a refund and/or monetary credit (pursuant to Company’s return policy) – shall see their membership automatically cancelled, and they will be required to return to Company any gift and/or other benefit they’ve received due to their Membership Club registration.
  6. Membership Club Member Benefits:
      1. A gift for purchasing nine products:
        • Purchasing nine (9) products via Company’s Website at https://www.maelyscosmetics.com shall entitle the Membership Club member to a gift (one additional product), per the member’s choosing, from a list of participating products, as published on Company’s Website from time to time (herein: Product List). Company reserves the right to change and/or update the products in the aforesaid list.
        • For the purposes of this section, purchase – any active purchase of a Company product (collectively or individually) executed on Company’s Website, excluding: a. products returned to Company by the member for a monetary refund and/or store credit; b. products purchased by using benefits and/or promotions granted by Company. In the event a member has returned a product from the nine benefit-entitling products to Company after using the benefit, the benefit will be voided and such member will be required to pay the benefit-given product value to Company, according to the prices specified on Company’s Website.
        • To remove any doubt, in the event a member has executed a purchase and proceeded to replace the product in accordance with Company’s product replacement policy, the original purchase and replacement (whether the product is replaced with one product or several others, and whether this regards one or more replacement(s)) shall be seen as one purchase.
      2. Using a gift product benefit:
        • The benefit can only be used by purchasing a product from the Product List on Company’s Website.
        • It is clarified that the benefit cannot be used by way of receiving a monetary refund, or with any other method.
        • The benefit shall last for one year after executing the first of nine purchases of said products. Upon the benefit’s expiration, it can no longer be used. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, Company reserves the right to allow members, in certain cases, to use the benefit thereafter it expires, at its sole discretion and without being required to notify club members in this regard.
    1. Birthday benefit (alternating benefit):
      • Club members will be entitled to one of these benefits below, at Company’s sole discretion:
        • A one-time discount of 50% on one product per the member’s choosing when purchasing from Company’s Website only; or –
        • A gift product per Company’s choosing;
        • A voucher with a monetary value set by Company at its sole discretion.
      • The birthday benefit shall last for the duration of the Gregorian calendar month of each club member’s birthday.
      • Benefit shall be given according to the date of birth provided by the club member upon their registration to Membership Club.
    2. Gift voucher benefit:
      • Club members are entitled to receive a gift card, i.e. a voucher in total of 20 USD (twenty), for purchasing products on Company’s Website.
      • The gift voucher benefit can be used upon purchasing on Company’s Website only. In the event the purchase amount is lower than the amount charged on the gift voucher, the remaining balance shall not carry forward to the next purchase executed by the club member subject to the benefit terms displayed herein.
      • The voucher is not a buying note and does not fall under the Buying Notes Law.
      • The gift card benefit shall remain valid for a duration of three (3) months thereafter registration to Membership Club.
      • The vouch is transferable.
  7. Replacing and Returning Products Purchased with Benefits:
    1. The terms of replacing/returning products purchased by using benefits are as follows, and subject to the 1981 Consumer Protection Law (herein: Consumer Protection Law) and Company’s replacement/return policy:
      1. A product purchased by using a benefit can be replaced, subject to Company’s product replacement policy.
      2. No monetary reimbursement and/or credit and/ore refund of the benefit eligibility can be received in the event of returning or replacing a product purchased by using a benefit.
  8. Information Saving and Mailing:
    1. Upon joining Membership Club, the member agrees to be included in Company’s Membership Club database.
    2. The member hereby confirms that Company may use the Company Website registration details provided by client, and any other information collected by Company in relation with client purchases and/or activity on Company’s website, for the purposes of examining client’s eligibility for a benefit and/or using a benefit, contacting the client, marketing operations of Company products, generating and analyzing statistical data, and also for direct mailing purposes. Upon registering to Company’s Website, Client gives their consent to the above-mentioned uses.
    3. The member hereby authorizes Company to give access to and/or transfer the information contained in Company’s database to the Membership Club’s operator, FPM, to service vendors (including and without limitation, to direct mailing service providers) and for the purpose of cooperation and ventures concerning the Club which make the information transfer essential in order for the Company to operate the Club and perform the uses and/or actions specified in section 8(c) hereinabove.
    4. Every member may contact Company’s customer service in writing with a demand to erase such member’s data from Company’s database. In the event of such erasure, the member’s Membership Club membership will be terminated.
    5. A member who is no longer interested in receiving ad mail can contact Company to be removed from its distribution list by contracting its customer service according to the contact details displayed on Company’s Website.

      It is hereby clarified that information stored in Company’s database is not automatically erased when a Membership Club membership is terminated, and therefore Client’s authorization to receive direct mailing and ads from Company (which are sent to Company’s client base, who must contact Company with a request to be removed from the distribution lists in accordance with the aforesaid hereinabove in this section) is not terminated in the same fashion.
  9. General:
    1. Members are required to provide correct and accurate details upon registration to Company’s Website and to Membership Club. The member hereby confirms that details provided by them are correct, updated and complete, and they acknowledge their obligation to update on any change made to them.
    2. Benefits are granted individually to each member. Members may not use a benefit granted to another member.
    3. Company may, at any time, terminate a member’s Membership Club membership and/or revoke any right resulting therefrom (including rights vested in such membership in prior to the membership termination) and/or charge such member for benefits used and/or any damage and/or expense caused or incurred by Company in any event of member’s actions and/or inaction in violation of the law and/or the aforesaid in these Terms and Conditions.
    4. In the event the member has used a benefit(s) they are entitled to in accordance with these Terms and Conditions due to a technical fault and/or action or inaction by Client, Company may demand a monetary reimbursement equaling the benefit value from such member.
    5. No multiple promotions or benefits – benefits cannot be used jointly with other benefits and promotions, to the extent such exist, upon purchase.
    6. Membership Club members who are interested in knowing whether they are entitled to receive the benefit can check their eligibility status in their Personal Area on Company’s Website.
    7. No benefits shall be given in retrospect due to purchases executed prior to the benefit’s entry into effect and/or prior to registration on Company’s Website as aforesaid hereinabove.
    8. Membership Club members shall use benefits in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Company is under no obligation to take any action whatsoever toward such benefit use, including and without limitation: notifying the member regarding their aforesaid eligibility to use.
    9. Company reserves the right to erase from its records any log of eligibility for benefits thereafter they expire, and members shall raise no argument and/or demand in this regard.
    10. Company may, at its sole discretion, terminate the benefit promotion and/or amend these Terms and Conditions, concerning some and/or all Company products, for any reason whatsoever, and members and/or any third party shall have no argument and/or demand and/or claim against Company and/or any on its behalf due to such termination and/or amending and/or in reference thereto.
      Membership Club is meant for individuals and fair use; Company may terminate a client membership due to unfair use.
    11. To the extent Company decides to cease the benefit, it shall notify such matter in a manner it deems fit and shall allow members to use the benefit for a certain period set by Company and subject to any law (herein: Last Use Period). Thereupon conclusion of Last Use Period, any unused benefit shall be canceled and will no longer be usable.
    12. Company reserves the right to choose and change the method of notifying members on any changes to the benefit and/or new benefits via any lawful method, including via texts, e-mail messages and other means of communication.
    13. Company shall not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage and/or expense caused in relation with the benefit, including and without limitation: damage resulting from technical faults and/or human error by Company employees and/or any on its behalf during the receiving and/or derogating of the number of purchases placed by the member for the purpose of receiving and/or using the benefit.
    14. Company records shall supersede in all matters related to these Terms and Conditions.
    15. These Terms and Conditions shall only be governed by Israeli laws and unique jurisdiction on all matters related to the provisions herein shall be vested in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa courts of law only.
    16. These Terms and Conditions include all terms concerning the benefit. Any agreement, presentation, guarantee, assurance or commitment done in relation with the aforesaid herein shall have no effect if not included and specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions. In any event of contradiction and/or mismatch between the provisions herein and other publications in relation with the benefit, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall supersede in all intents and purposes.
    17. Any deviation from the aforesaid herein and any waiver on part of Company of any right shall not be in effect unless delivered in writing.
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