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B-TIGHT - Lift & Firm Booty Mask
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B-TIGHT - Lift & Firm Booty Mask

Your booty deserves some grooming too. Our innovative booty mask promotes firmer-looking buttocks and reduces cellulite. The mask formula contains a unique complex assisting the fat-burning process, improving blood circulation and smoothing the skin. Simply put: sexy looking booty, minus the effort. Each package contains 3.3 fl oz (100 ml).

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Lift & Firm Booty Mask
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Lift & Firm Booty Mask
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Lift & Firm Booty Mask
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Love Your Booty
Face, neck, hands… for sure we take care of our skin. But what about ‘dat booty? Now you can smooth it, firm it, and lift it with the B-TIGHT Booty Mask. Used daily, it also helps reduce the appearance
of cellulite. Win-win? Absolutely.
Survey Results
Would recommend
B-TIGHT to a friend
Agreed their cellulite
has reduced
Agreed their skin
is tighter
*Survey results from a survey sent in September 2018 to 150 customers who have tried B-Tight
Helps Reduce Cellulite
Helps Reduce Cellulite
Cellulite is actually an accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The active ingredients in the mask facilitate the local fat-burning process.
What Does The Booty Mask Do?
Promotes Fat-Burning
Promotes Fat-Burning
The mask's formula contains a unique combination of caffeine and Arabica coffee, which facilitates the fat-burning process
Firms Up The Skin
Firms Up The Skin
The mask contains hyaluronic acid that helps firm up skin, preventing wrinkles and creating a smoother appearance over time
Moisturizing the skin
Moisturizing the skin
The mask contains collagen, which helps make the skin smooth, young, and elastic - and nourishes the skin with long-lasting, deep moisture
Improves Circulation
Improves Circulation
The mask contains Guarana plant seed extract, whose origins lie in Brazil. The essence penetrates the skin and improves blood circulation
Delays Fat Cell Formation
Delays Fat Cell Formation
Elastic skin is skin that ages more slowly. The ingredients of the formula infuse the skin with active ingredients that improve elasticity
Exclusive Ingredients
Pink PepperSlim
A patented ingredient that encourages fat burn
Hyaluronic Acid
Powerful moisturizing agent for smoother, younger-feeling skin
Shea Butter
Provides skin elasticity
Coconut Oil
Helps restore and preserve your skin's moisture
Vitamin E
A calming antioxidant
Guarana Seed Extract
A derivative of caffeine that increases blood circulation
The Booty Mask That Broke The Internet!

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100,000 People Bought This Butt Mask in Just Two Months
After Using The B-TIGHT Mask Once, My Butt Felt Super Smooth!
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